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Ancestral River: A Spiritual Journey for the Living and the Dead!

Resources listed in the book are shown below. Additional resources have been added more recently.

The Four Biofields

4 Biofields b1.png

This is a simple illustration of my perception of the universe based on my meditation and hypnosis experiences.

Our Chakras and Spiritual Rights

12 Chakras and our spiritual rights.png

This illustration includes our seven main chakras, our five spiritual chakras, and our spiritual rights they represent.

Energy Protection Meditation

A meditation to visualize protection from negative energy.

See the Ancestral River website for more information about our electric universe and our biofields.

Listed below, in the order they became part of my learning experiences, are some of the sources that helped me to clear blocks and support my personal or spiritual growth. I benefited from free webinar presentations offered through email communications and free YouTube channel videos, as well as through books and paid courses.

Click on the name of each person to see a short explanation of how I benefited from their service, as well as links to their websites or Youtube channels. Those with an asterik are helpful resources that I have used personally and of which I am an affilliate; I'll receive compensation for each purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Crrow777 Radio Podcast: website

Dr. Claire Zammit: Feminine Power, website

Eileen Day McKusick: Biofield Tuning, “Tuning the Human Biofield” and “Electric Body, Electric Health”, websites, YouTube channel

Marci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter, and Lisa Garr: Your Year of Miracles program, website, YouTube channel

Dr. Sue Morter: “The Energy Codes” , website, YouTube channel

Dr. Joe Dispenza: website, YouTube channel

Lynne McTaggart: "The Power of Eight," website, YouTube Channel

Marie Diamond: Feng Shui and Dowsing courses, website, YouTube Channel

Anthony Robert and Angela Carter: BioEnergyCode*

Ken Honda: “Happy Money,” website, YouTube Channel

William Walker Atkinson: “Thought Vibration”

Grow Your Own Vegetables: Spirit Gardening course, website, YouTube Channel


Donna Eden: Eden Energy Method, website, YouTube Channel

Amara Strand: YouTube Channel, website

Mandy Morris: “The 8 Secrets to Powerful Manifesting,” website, YouTube Channel

Oliver Nino: "Spiritual Activator," website, YouTube Channel

Archaix: website, YouTube Channel

Kim Woods: website, YouTube Channel

Rob Williams: Psych-K, website, YouTube channel

Mary Lee: Manifestation 3.0* 

Jackie Jones: 7 Magic Energy Experiments

Alexander Wilson: Manifestation Magic*

Rina Bogart: Mystery School Code*


Dr. Steven G. Jones: Total Money Magnetism*


Winter Vee: Ancient Secrets of Kings*

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