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Clearing your unhelpful ancestral patterns and helping those ancestors transition into the Oneness

Recorded Ancestral Clearing Sessions

This set of seven recorded one-hour biofield sessions will help clear unhelpful thought patterns of your parents and grandparents through the fourth generation, whether the ancestors are living or have passed away, Suitable for all persons interested in helping yourself and your ancestors. Simply lay or sit in a comfortable position while you listen to a session. Suggestions given throughout each session will guide your attention and intentions to clear energy and help your ancestors transition into the Oneness.. Click the button below to make a payment and download the sessions.

  Recorded Sessions For Ancestral Clearing and Emotional/Thought Patterns

Set of seven recorded one-hour biofield sessions to clear common inherited emotional/thought patterns represented in each of the seven main chakras: Fear, Unworthiness, Powerlessness or Anger, Sadness, Expressing Yourself/Speaking Your Truth, Worry or Regret, and Knowing Your Relationship to the Divine. Sessions will include helping transition the ancestors who come to clear their own patterns in you.


Know Your Oneness with Universal Spirit

Set of six recorded biofield sessions to help you: activate your five spiritual chakras; help your mind hear your spirit; claim your spiritual rights for you and your ancestors; amplify your 360-degree sensing system; increase your body's ability to receive signals and intuition from the universe and love and support from angels and ancestors in the Oneness; increase the mindset of Universal Spirit/Source/God within you- the mindset of Abundance; and become more able to fully express your spirit's desires for your own restoration and for the highest good of all.

Ancestral River:

A Spiritual Journey
for the Living and the Dead.

Written by Carla, this book tells the story of her first years of learning about ancestral clearing while working with tuning forks in the human biofield. Her inner healing and spiritual awakening parallels the changes she noticed ancestors go through as they learn about the afterlife and prepare to return to the Oneness. Included with the book is a link to download a free recorded biofield session, or subscribe to the Ancestral River website to receive the free session now! .


Individual Ancestral Clearing Sessions

Carla is currently taking a few months off from receiving new individual clients, to be able to complete the recorded sessions above. Individual sessions have a 6-session minimum, with an average cost of $130 per session. Contact Carla if you would like to be added to the waiting list.

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