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Recorded Ancestral Clearing Sessions

Recorded biofield sessions will help clear unhelpful thought patterns of your parents and grandparents through the fourth generation, whether the ancestors are living or have passed away, Suitable for all persons interested in helping yourself and your ancestors.

Ancestral River, A Spiritual Journey
for the Living and the Dead.

Written by Carla, this book tells the story of her first years of learning about ancestral clearing. Her inner healing and spiritual awakening parallels the changes she noticed ancestors go through as they learn about the afterlife and prepare to return to the Oneness. Available on Amazon.


One to One Sessions with Carla

Receive individual sessions to clear your biofield of unhelpful thought patterns of your choice, and clear your ancestral field too. There is a 6-session minimum, with a cost of $134 per approximate 1.5 hour session, which can be paid for all at once or individually. If you complete 6 sessions in 90 days, you'll receive a 7th session free.

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