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More Testimonials

Having three family members facing difficult health situations, I truly believe our work together helped me to open up to resources and healing that I very much needed in order to manage the escalating stress. I thank you for your beautiful work. - Lisa M., Maryland

Carla is patient, highly skilled, and is great at discerning the disturbances in the energy field over the phone. She can even determine, based on her considerable experience, the general time that the energy settled in the past. I contacted her because my family has had tragedy after tragedy for hundreds of years, and now the unfortunate events aren't thought about much at all after working with Carla. - Caroline, Dallas, TX

I have had the most profound experiences with my orientation session and the first two sessions with Carla. After orientation, I had what seemed like old programming/anxiety/self-doubt surface that I experienced as a barrage of old unproductive thoughts and fears. The first session gave the sensation/images of a female ancestor being burned in a fire. It was profound to experience Carla processing her pain and claiming there was "fire everywhere!" I knew immediately that this was my great-grandmother who died in an outdoor fire after when her dress caught on fire. - Janet, Louisianna

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