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How Biofield Sessions Work


Your Electric Universe

Your thoughts and emotions carry electric charge. Every cell in your body is electric. Even the air you breathe is made of electrically charged particles. Our Electric Universe has 5 states of matter: aether (the most dispersed), plasma, gas, liquid, and solid.

Aether is often defined as "the luminous body of light through which light waves flow". It is in the air you breathe, recharging your energy system with every breath you take. Everything in the universe is made of aether.

Light Waves

Communication through light waves happens almost  instantaneously at the speed of light. Light waves contain electrically charged particles. Your thoughts and feelings are made of charged particles that flow in light waves.

Aether holds an electrical record of the thoughts and feelings of everyone who has ever lived. By our intention to work together, your aetherical body becomes a hologram for each session. Ancestral River sessions can be done by Zoom or telephone and be just as effective as if the clearing was done in person!

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Your Biofield

Your physical body is surrounded by a toroid of plasma. It extends 5-6' around and 2-3' above and below your body. The emotions you feel are stored in your biofield like rings on a tree, with conception, gestation, and birth at the outer edge, and current day next to your body.

The charged particles of your thoughts and emotions become stuck in the flow of light waves in your biofield when you have emotional and physical stress. These 'pockets' of stuck energy form blocks to your original energy flow, become unhelpful though habits, and often lead to physical injury or illness.

Records of all your ancestors' lives is store are stored in a 2nd biofield that extends 30-35' away from your body. Releasing these pockets of stuck emotions changes your DNA. You, your ancestors, and your children can feel lighter & happier as old patterns change.

Tuning Your Biofield

As the sound waves from the tuning forks intersect the pockets that have become stuck in the light waves of your biofield, the sound and vibration acts as biofeedback, and your body corrects the dissonance as it releases the stuck energy, and removes the blocks to the original flow of your energy pathways and your DNA.

This all happens as you are lying or sitting comfortably in your home, listening to the forks, and feeling any energy movement, emotions, or memories that may come to your awareness.

Sessions usually last about an hour and fifteen minutes. Every session builds on the past sessions, releasing negative thought patterns and  emotions from your life and generations past, creating a more fulfilling life for you and your family.

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