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Hi, I'm Carla Adams, and I'm glad you're here.

I had experienced a variety of careers and skills, including being a Real Estate Broker for 10 years, but was between jobs when I moved into a old house that was built on a positive ley line vortex.

I knew almost nothing about ley lines, but after I received training as a biofield practitioner - the first time I'd ever known anything about energy healing - my life began to change. 

Before moving, I'd 'hit my bottom' in living with old emotional patterns that hadn't been helpful since birth - fear, worry, regret, not standing in my personal power, and most of all, sadness. After moving, I re-established the habit of daily meditation  that I'd left behind a number of years before.

It wasn't long until I started seeing the bright orbs of light that surrounded ancestors

and angels who loved God/Universal Spirit and lived in the joy and love and gratitude

of the next realm. I began helping them, using my tuning forks to restore voltage

drained from EMFs throughout the air from satellites, cell phones, and other electrical

communication devices that interrupted their electrical charge, just as it interrupts ours.

Through increasing my own senses and continuing meditation, I received wisdom and ancient spiritual knowledge from Universal Spirit, astral travel, visions, and being able to communicate with ancestors that are still in our realm but are ready to go to the next.

And as I diligently worked to change my old emotional patterns, my life changed. I found that the regret and unworthiness and sadness I had felt all my life was anchored in my ancestors. As I cleared my energy and theirs, my life changed. I'm happy, know my value, and self-love, and live in the personal power available to all of us through Universal Spirit, with the daily assistance of all other parts of the universe.

                                               Now, instead of showing houses, I see and hear what Spirit shows me.  And instead of                                                               helping people flip houses,  I provide  parents with the intuition, inspiration, alchemy and                                                         magic they need to flip the ancestral money patterns that keep them stuck so they                                                                   can open the door to a new life of greater wealth and abundance for themselves and their                                                   children.     


                                               My clients increase their intuition and spiritual freedom,  release the unhelpful ancestral                                                         patterns that keep them stuck in life, help their ancestors transition into the                                                                                   next realm, find their soul purpose,  grow to love their money, and bring the abundance of                                                     the universe into their own lives. 

I live with my husband in the rural Midwest, and love gardening, learning about the energies of the universe,  and spending time with family and friends -which includes all my clients, because we become friends as we work closely together to bring change to ourselves and our families.

I've written a book about my inner healing journey, the ancient wisdom I've received, and                                                  the 5 things I've found that all ancestors need to be able to transition into the next realm.                                                        You can read more about my book by clicking the button below. 

Contact me for a no-pressure conversation, to see if my service is a fit for you.

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