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 Ancestral River - the Book!

Available in paperback and hardcover

With each revelation, a path to profound personal healing emerges, casting the eternal nature of the human spirit.


Have you ever pondered the untold wonders within your DNA waiting to be discovered?


In this captivating book, Carla Adams reveals the power of tuning forks in the human biofield, unlocking dormant energy, dissolving old patterns, and restoring the natural flow. Through daily meditation and a quest for universal understanding, she experiences a profound spiritual awakening that transcends a life shadowed by fear, sadness, and inadequacy.


As you dive into Ancestral River, you will:

  • Learn the five essential elements that ancestors require to transition into the Oneness, symbolized by our five spiritual chakras.

  • Explore the ancient spiritual practice of 'Holding,' connecting with your descendants and fostering a powerful bond.

  • Understand that we are not merely physical beings, but beings of energy and spirit, capable of stepping into our true power as integral parts of the universe.


By changing ourselves, we have the power to positively impact our children, our ancestors, and the entire universe.  Adams offers a compelling invitation to unfold the profound wisdom within your own lineage, paving the way for personal healing and unlocking your inner power. Embark on this transformative journey today. Get your copy of Ancestral River and dare to embrace the eternal nature of the human spirit.

Read the Reviews!

“In Ancestral River: A Spiritual Journey for the Living and the Dead, Carla Adams describes the fabulous journey of awakening to the unified realms available to us all in a courageous and inspiring first-hand adventure.  We are each capable of transcending the illusions that bind us. Thank you, Carla, for sharing your way through.”

Dr. Sue Morter
Author: The Energy Codes:  The Seven Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life
Founder: Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics
Creator: BodyAwake Yoga for Awakening


"What a fun, inspiring and easy read! Carla Adam’s “Ancestral River” showcases the joy, the bliss, the pain and the mess that happens through growth. The rawness, vulnerability and moments of pure jubilation has the reader crying, cheering and smiling uncontrollably from the sidelines while walking through the ups and the downs of Carla’s life. Consider grabbing this book if you're seeking an inside perspective and inspiration for your spiritual development."

Tami Goulet, Institute Director and Soul Alchemist for

"A wonderful and deeply insightful exploration into the tapestries of lives lived woven through time and space. Very accessible, unpretentious, and enjoyable to read, this book is a must for the spiritual seeker whose quest includes the well being of the deceased and especially one’s own own ancestors. Though the focus is on personal and ancestral healing, the reader might certainly ponder upon the potential benefits for their own offspring, family of orientation, and forthcoming heirs in that their journeys also could be positively affected by this level of insight, personal healing, and exploration.
"Carla Adams pours forth experiential knowledge of her profound truths discovered through her own soulful and relentless quest in not only her own healing, but that of all men and women in the world. Courageously sharing her own struggles and emotional woundings, Adams does not withhold very personal experiences and insights. She tirelessly and generously has delved, questioned, and persevered clearing blocks for herself and many others while simultaneously bringing forth knowledge and vision for the lives of our ancestors, but also healing and levels of closure for the passionate, soul searching living. A truly beautiful sharing!" - Janet G.

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