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Your Thoughts and Intentions

A Child's Mind

From the time we are conceived, until around age 7, our developing minds receive information as truth. We accept what we are told, or what we perceive, as truth, when often, it is not. For example, if a parent is frustrated with his job, we may think he is angry at us. We may feel it is our fault, that we are not enough, or that we not worthy of their love.


Old Stories

If this or similar situations are repeated, our feelings of blame, not enough, or unworthiness become thought habits. We see life through the lens of lies, not truth. Many of the stuck emotions in our biofield are caused by these our old stories.

Many of our ancestors had these same negative thought patterns and we inherited them in our DNA and as pockets in our ancestral biofield.

Creating True Stories

Like our body and our biofield, our thoughts flow on light waves. The vibration, or frequency, of positive thoughts attracts more positive outcomes into our lives.

Clearing our biofield of stuck emotions caused by our old stories and those of our ancestors helps us learn new thought patterns and live a more positive life. We can change generations of thoughts!


The Missing Link

Forming the old stories and clearing them have something important in common:  our breath.

When we are scared, our bodies are designed to react in "fight, flight, or freeze" to keep us safe. When in this mode, we breathe from the upper lobes of our lungs and react from the mind's intention to save us.

But this reaction becomes a habit, and many of us stay continually in fight or flight. We make daily life choices from reaction, not from listening to our inner spirit an knowing what we truly need.

Hearing Your Spirit

Breathing from the lower lobes of our lungs, feeling our belly rise with each breath, helps the two hemispheres of our brain working together. Our soul - our spirit - uses the whole mind working in harmony.

It takes us out of fight or flight, resets our nervous system, allows us to think calmly and make wiser choices.

And it connects us to Source, God, Universal Spirit. The air we breathe is made of aether, full of unlimited amounts of light particles.


Helping Our Ancestors

The space between all those particles of light is Source, Universal Spirit. We are made of Universal Spirit and breathe Universal Spirit. Like all the cells, tissues, and organs that make up each sentient being, all the particles of light make up the sentient being of Universal Spirit. We can never be separated from Universal Spirit!

Aether is home to all spirit beings, including our ancestors. Often when a person dies, he or she is unable to transition into the Oneness of Universal Spirit where we all came from. Ancestors need our help. Our intention to help them release their own stuck energy within our DNA and biofields provides them the positive energy - the voltage - they need to transition. This experience is usually very rewarding for us and for our ancestors.

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