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Hi, I'm Carla Adams,

I’m a former Real Estate Broker who discovered I was clairvoyant    when I moved into a old house that was built on a ley line vortex. Now, instead of showing houses, I see and hear what Spirit shows me.

And instead of helping people flip houses, I provide parents with the intuition, inspiration, alchemy and magic they need to flip the old money patterns so they can open the door to wealth and abundance for themselves and their children.

I invite you to contact me for a no-pressure conversation, to see if my services would be a fit for you.


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Ken S., Singapore

"I contacted Carla seeking answers regarding my late father, who passed away several years ago. I am glad there was closure with my father in one of the sessions. The bonus for me was in realizing that the Universe/God knows what I am looking for in my personal life. Thank you, Carla!"

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Ancestral River
-Carla's story!

"All our ancestors and all our future generations are present in us. Liberation is not an individual matter. As long as the ancestors in us are still suffering, we can not be happy, and we will transmit their suffering to our children and their children. Now is the time to liberate our ancestors and our future generations. It means to free ourselves. If we can take one step freely and happily, we can take one hundred. We do it for ourselves and for all previous and future generations. We all arrive at the same time and find peace and happiness together!"

- Thich Nhat Hanh, b. 1926.


Your Ancestral River

You inherit eye and skin color from your ancestors. You also inherit ancestral emotional patterns like fear, worry, anger, or sadness.


Your memories and emotions - and those of your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, etc. - are intertwined and flowing together in you, a  river of DNA which your children inherit from you. uses the sound vibration of tuning forks in the energy around your body - while you are in the comfort of your own home - to help release the underlying causes of those patterns and improve the emotional and spiritual health of your family.

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