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Welcome to Health Energy Podcast!

Hi Health & Energy Listeners! We are thrilled to have you on our weekly podcast!

We love the connection and the time together to share, learn and laugh!

The best part about the podcast is we never know what we are going to

talk about but it is interesting to see it unfold.

Carla is a Bio-field Energy Healer, Jessica is a nurse and is currently traveling

in South Dakota. She loves herbs, the gut, and how it can change your life when

you know the possibilities of natural health. Me, Ramie is a Life Coach that

incorporates all the healing tools in her toolbox. We, three are here to change

lives simply because it feels better than walking around wounded.

We are all wounded, each and every one of us and it is our responsibility to

change what we can, which in my opinion is Me, You, & US!

No longer can we blame our parents, siblings, etc. if you want change - you

have to do the work.

That is what this podcast is all about, Energy and Health.

Come along for the ride, we will guide, teach, and laugh with you since we

all are on the same path! Change is good!

Listening to us is good for the Soul! Every Tuesday (usually) at l0am CST!1

or listen to the recording.

Love and Light,


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Wonderful! All the best,see you soon on the light side

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