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Our Services

Clearing your unhelpful ancestral patterns and helping those ancestors transition into the Oneness


Set of 3. $120 each. (If paid individually, the first 2 sessions will be billed at $150; the 3rd session at $60.) Must complete all 3 sessions within 45 days.


Set of 6. $110 each. (If paid individually, the first 5 sessions will be billed at $120; the 6th session at $60.) Must complete all 6 sessions within 90 days.

Additional Information                                                        *Completion of a short health form and a disclosure form is required.                                                                                 *Sessions are held on Zoom or telephone.                                    *Please allow 1.25 - 1.5 hours for each session.                            *Payment of sessions individually will be done by PayPal; personal check is welcome for payment of a set in full.

*Choose from the topics below for the intention you would like to hold for each session, or bring ideas of your own!


Intentions for Sessions

The Universe responds to our intentions. In every session, only the energy that is ready to clear will present itself. Choose from the following ideas or bring your own to each session. Clearing ancestral patterns can be part of each session. Helping ancestors transition into the Oneness occurs frequently.

*Trust the universe to know your needs best.                              *Systematic clearing for ancestral patterns and transitioning through the 4th generation.                                                     *Clearing non-serving emotional and thought patterns.

*Activating your spiritual chakras and spiritual rights.                    *Amplifying your 360 sensing system and your body's ability to receive signals and intuition from the universe.                 *Increase increase the mindset of Universal Spirit/Source/God within you- the mindset of Abundance, and become more able to fully express your spirit's desires for your own restoration and for the highest good of all.

Ready for Sessions?

Click the Button below to contact Carla. Indicate if you are interested in a 3-Set or a 6-Set, and any other information you would like. She usually responds within 24 hours.

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