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Reclaim Your Placental Connection

My deepest desire has always been to know and feel that I'm an integral part of, and fully loved by, God/Source/Universal Spirit.

A few months ago, I began a new leg of my personal journey. My book had just been published, and I was expecting to devote most of my extra time to marketing the book. But one day I was talking to a friend, and all of a sudden, the conversation ignited a huge wave of ‘connecting the dots’ in my mind: Every organ in our bodies also has a place in our biofield where it’s energy can be found - Our placentas were still in our biofield! 

But because of the trauma of early separation from our body, and dormancy caused by a life time of not knowing we still have that energy, for most of us, these energies have never been activated to help us in our life. 

What a wonderful thing for raising the voltage of the universe - if all of us could know this energy and be able to live a happier life!

Immediately, Universal Spirit showed me exactly where in my biofield the placental energy was located. That evening, I put what I’d learned into action, and asked for my placental energy to reunite with me. 


Something really unexpected happened: I felt the placental energies rush into my third eye chakra, and at the same time, the spirit being I knew as my guardian angel poured powerfully into my crown chakra!

I was really excited to have activated this connection, but for a few weeks, I often felt discombobulated, a bit dis-associated from my body; not dizzy, but kind of weird. I had a few anxiety attacks, not knowing what was happening to me. Tuning myself helped me feel better, but the discombobulated feeling always came back the next day.

I told a few of my clients about my experience, and they wanted to activate their placental energies too, so during their biofield sessions, I helped them access their placental energies. Just like for me, on each of the clients who had not reclaimed these energies in the past, I felt their guardian angel pour into their crown at the same time the released placental energy came into their 3rd eye. Some of them had the discombobulated feeling following their tunings also.


Unexpected topics in conversation with another friend connected more dots for me, and I scheduled a spiritual hypnosis session, so I could ask all my questions to Source, angels, and ancestors in the Oneness. They guided me in how and what to tune in the the human biofield to activate the placental energies and feel good afterwards. 

More hypnosis sessions, as well as meditation and biofield work, revealed more answers. 

The placenta was designed to remain attached to every infant until it detached on its own. This separation occurred in stages, and could take up to a few months to be fully detached. From the moment of birth until it’s natural detachment, the placenta needed care, just like the baby did during that time.
The placenta not only nourished the baby until the mother’s milk came in, but held the energy of the joy of Source, God, Universal Spirit and the angels and ancestors in the Oneness. The placenta maintained the baby’s feeling of being part of the Oneness.

Long ago, parents knew the importance of the placenta and how to care for it.

They taught each child to know and feel their oneness with Source, God, Universal Spirit energy. The parents and their community were meant to hold the baby’s spirit intentions as I describe in my book, "Ancestral River, A Journey for the Living and the Dead." Parents held these intentions for the child, from before conception to the time the child was able to hold those intentions for themselves.


With these intentions, and the intact placenta conveying the joy of the oneness, the child grew up feeling and knowing its oneness with Universal Spirit, instead of feeling alone and separated, like most of us experience many times in our lives now.

The placenta represents our relationship with our guardian angel.

Some people call this angel energy their higher self or twin flame. I have experience it as a separate being with different energy than my own, so until I experience it differently, I will call it a guardian angel.

Each of us has a guardian angel.


Just as the baby and placenta functioned as one in the womb, each of us were designed to function as one with our guardian angel within our biofield - an illuminated womb.

The mind of a child functions differently than the mind of an adult.

From conception until around the age of 7, the child’s mindset is forming, being imprinted with knowledge, beliefs, and reactions. And because the mind doesn’t have anything to compare most of the information with, to help determine whether it is truth or error, the mind receives all it hears as truth.

If the parents and community were holding the child’s spirit’s intention to help the child fully know their oneness with Universal Spirit, and if the placenta remained attached until naturally detaching, then, when the child’s formative mind changed to the adult mind, around age 7, the child was still living with his spirit in charge of his mind.


At age 7, the hemispheres of the mind still worked in harmony most of the time and could feel the spirit’s desire for the united relationship with their guardian angel. Being in it's harmonic state and in subservience to the child's spirit, the child's mind would automatically be united with the guardian angel. 

However, the hemispheres of the adult mind are often not working in harmony, and have established patterns of not listening to their spirit.

So, adults must feel the desire for activating their placental energies and make a conscious choice to be reunited with their guardian angel. If you feel this desire, choose to have Carla's assistance during a biofield session, and make a conscious decision to ask for your guardian angel to integrate with you, then during the session, your angel energy flows into your crown chakra as the placental energies release and pour into your third eye.


Having the angel energy in you is called our United Guidance System. 

Will you fully activate your placental energies in a safe and harmonic way? 



The Placental Connection is a set of 6 sessions that will allow you to: 

1. Reclaim your placental energy;


2. Amplify and integrate the placental and angel energies into your biofield if you've already reclaimed your placental energy by intention, to help help you gain the most from this connection.

3. Activate the tiny crystals in your pineal gland, other inner brain organs, and in the outer edge of your biofield, to  illuminate the biofield womb with enough voltage to allow your energy to receive the angel and placental energies, work smoothly and in harmony with them, and increase your intuition.

4. Integrate your guardian angel energy within you and your biofield, for as long as you choose to have this United Guidance System; 

5. Increase your voltage, that of your ancestors, and the universe;

6. Protect you from many negative energies, and cause negatively charged energy currently within you to leave your energy field; 

7. Increase your intuitive and meditative abilities greatly over time, in coordination with your desire and attention to grow it.

8. Because of many factors, including fluoride in our water and EMF’s surrounding us daily, these crystals in our pineal glands easily become calcified, slowing or blocking our ability to feel and hear our United Guidance System and other information from the universe that helps our intuition. To help you keep your voltage high and your crystals amplified, after completion of the 6 sessions, you will receive a downloadable recorded session to listen to regularly.

9. Make a difference in your life, and that of your ancestors, your children, and the universe! 



The Placental Connection is a series of 6 sessions, working individually with Carla.

In session 1, the energies of your body and biofield are amplified and prepped to receive the placental and angel energies. Together, the activated crystals in the pineal gland and outer membrane create an illuminated 'womb' for placental and divine energies. Your placental energy, which has been stuck in time due to the trauma of premature separation and dormancy from lack of connection all your life, is released and restored to you. Your guardian angel enters at your crown and begins to integrate with your energy. 

During session 2, your body and biofield energies are amplified again to assist the integration of the United Guidance System. Stuck energy in your biofield is cleared at the time of the separation that usually occurs at birth, and at approximately age 7, when the United Guidance System was designed to begin, but did not.

Session 3 amplifies your body and biofield energies a third time, to assist with the integration and help establish the new energetic patterns that are working within you. More stuck energy is cleared. And, because the United Guidance System increases your voltage, it often begins to cause negative energy that is not yours – but is energetically attached to you – to leave, so we'll transmute it or remove it from you. 

During Sessions 4 and 5, the crystal energies in your body and biofield will again be tuned to keep the new pathway clear. We will clear stuck energy that is ready to release because of your higher voltage, but you can also hold intentions of your choice, to clear unhelpful emotions and thought patterns, or to help specific ancestors. 

Session 6 will tune those crystal energies, but we will also tune your zodiac - the sun, moon, and star signs present at your birth. We'll bring your sign energy, as well as all the zodiac energies, into your electric body to integrate with your energy, so you can be more able to receive all of them as good and apply them in your life. Then we'll tune your relationship with those energies, to help you live in harmony with and benefit more fully from the energies of the sun, moon, and stars. Your spiritual chakras that represent the sun, moon, and stars, will also be tuned, as will the chakras in your body that symbolize astrological energy. 


If you are interested only in "Tune Your Zodiac,"  it is available separately from the "Placental Connection," as one of your choices in a set of 6 sessions.

Your awareness of differences in your energy or life habits will be most noticeable if your 6 sessions are completed within 6 - 12 weeks. When you complete your 6 sessions within 90 days, you will receive a 7th session FREE.

In restoring the placental energy, you restore this connection for all your ancestors who died without it but now desire that restoration. In the continuum of time, this allows all of them, as infants, to begin life feeling part of the Whole without feeling the separation from the joy and love of Source, God, Universal Spirit – bringing healing to your family line throughout time.

Because in restoring your placental connection, you also restore that connection for your ancestors who want it, some of your ancestors will likely be ready to transition into the Oneness after each session. If you are uncomfortable with ancestral clearing, you can ask me not to mention their presence to you. 




During the months following this placental/angel tuning, the angel and your own spirit integrate more fully and begin to function as one.


Over time, with your “United Guidance System,’ you will likely no longer feel the angel as a separate entity, and you may not hear it speak to you directly as often. You can expect to receive this divine guidance more and more automatically, just as you would your own intuition, but with much higher wisdom and stronger knowing.

The Placental Connection can work with people as young as 7 years old. At this age, the United Guidance System can begin automatically, because the mind still often works in harmony and hears the spirit's desire for this union with the angel.


For older children and adults, according to the non-hierarchical mindset of the universe as a whole, and of Universal Spirit, it must be the person's conscious choice to have this connection. 

After completing the "Placental Connection Sessions," the connection with your guardian angel can be recharged by your daily intention and the energies emanating from the moon during each month’s cycle, or by listening to the 3rd recorded session once/week. 

Ongoing intentions and tunings will help offset the stuck energy, disruption, and damage caused to your pineal ad energy systems due to fluoride in water, and EMF’s such as TV, smart meters, and appliances.

The more you practice awareness of and communication with your angel or United Guidance System, the more integrated, instantaneous, and powerful your wisdom and intuition becomes.

If you choose to activate your placental and angel energies without the tunings occurring to support it, you are likely to feel uncomfortably unbalanced energetically for a few weeks, even with daily efforts to counter-balance it. The Placental Connection tunings easily integrate the placental/angel connection into your life in an ongoing way. You will also receive helpful tips and gain deeper knowledge through sharing what I continue to learn.


A personal note:

I love the universe, and I love you. Together we can make a difference in our lives, and that of our ancestors, our children, and the universe.

Will you join me in these sessions?

Each of the 6 sessions lasts about 1.5 hours, for $134 USD. You can pay prior to each session or in full, via PayPal.

When you complete 6 sessions within 90 days, you will receive a 7th session of your choice FREE.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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